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Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

pp 1256-1269


Path-Based and Whole-Network Measures

  • Matteo MagnaniAffiliated withComputing Science Division, Uppsala University
  • , Moreno MarzollaAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna


Centrality measures; Structural and locational properties


Betweenness Centrality

A measure of the proportion of shortest paths in a network passing through a specific node or edge

Closeness Centrality

A measure of how close a node is to all the other nodes of a network

Clustering Coefficient

A measure of how much nodes tend to form groups in a network


The maximum distance between two nodes

Direct Connection

An edge between two nodes, usually indicating the existence of a specific relationship, e.g., a friendship between two individuals


A group of two people

Geodesic Distance (or Distance)

Length of one of the shortest paths between two nodes

Indirect Connection

A path between two nodes that are not directly connected through an edge


An entity in a network, usually representing an individual


A sequence of edges sharing common endpoints, e.g., an edge between ni and nj followed by an edge between nj and nk


Three nodes with an edge between every pair of them

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