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Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

pp 1583-1586


Retrieval Models

  • Benno SteinAffiliated withBauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • , Tim GollubAffiliated withBauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • , Maik AnderkaAffiliated withBauhaus-Universität Weimar


Document indexing; Document model; Document representation



A characteristic property of a document. Usually, a document’s terms are used as features, but virtually every measurable document property can be chosen, such as word classes, average sentence lengths, principal components of term document-occurrence matrices, or term synonyms

Information Need

Specifically here, a lack of information or knowledge that can be satisfied by a text document


Specifically here, a small set of words that expresses a user’s information need


The extent to which a document is capable to satisfy an information need. Within probabilistic retrieval models, relevance is modeled as a binary random variable


Retrieval models provide the formal means to address (information) retrieval tasks with the aid of a computer. A retrieval task is given if an information need is to be satisfied against an information source. More specifically, the information need is represented a ...

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