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Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

pp 2406-2410


Wikipedia Collaborative Networks

  • Patrick KenisAffiliated withAntwerp Management School
  • , Jürgen LernerAffiliated withDepartment of Computer & Information Science, University of Konstanz


Co-authorship networks; Collaborative editing; Edit networks; Online collaboration; Open encyclopedia



A user with special rights, including blocking of pages or users

Anonymous Edit

An edit done by an anonymous user; reveals the IP address of the editing user's computer

Anonymous User

A user who did not log in (i.e., did not identify himself/herself)

Blocked Page/Protected Page

A page that (currently) does not allow edits, often as a response to frequent vandalism; blockings might be temporary or permanent and they might apply only to anonymous users or to all users except administrators

Blocked User

A user that (currently) cannot edit pages, often as a response to misbehavior; blockings might be temporary or permanent

Discussion Page

A page dedicated to discuss the form, style, and content of an encyclopedic article (not to discuss the topic treated by the article)

Discussion Thread

Subpart of a discussion page representing a conversation related to a single issue

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