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Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology

pp 325-327


  • Michael ArfkenAffiliated withDepartment of Psychology, University of Prince Edward Island Email author 


Why is it that revolutionary ideas in science, art, philosophy, and technology emerge at one moment in history rather than another? Why within certain geographical locations do we witness a wealth of creative new ideas while other regions appear to produce little of lasting value? What role does the individual creator play in the production and transmission of creative work from technological innovations to novel forms of artistic expression?


At the most basic level, creativity refers to the production of something original, novel, innovative, and meaningful. While some acts of creativity are only meaningful and important to the individual creator, other acts of creativity have been responsible for radically altering the trajectory of human history and existence.


Freud; Skinner; cognitive; humanistic; historical; determinism; convergent; divergent; artificial intelligence (AI); social justice

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