Encyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

2015 Edition
| Editors: Dongqing Li

Membrane Actuation for Micropumps

  • Laxman SaggereEmail author
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Diaphragm actuation; Thick-film piezoelectric actuation; Thin-film actuation


Membrane actuation for micropumps refers to the reciprocating periodic motion of a thin flexible layer – diaphragm or membrane made of silicon or other materials – bounding one side of a displacement micropump to create volume and pressure oscillations in a fluid (i.e., liquid or gas) stored in the chamber of the micropump that is rectified by other means to accomplish a net fluid flow through the micropump. The mechanical energy necessary for the membrane actuation in micropumps is generally derived from electrical, thermal, optical, or other forms of energy.


Micropumps based on a variety of operating principles have been developed since early 1970s for pumping and/or precisely controlling fluid volumes on the order of a milliliter and below, which has enabled numerous emerging applications including dosing therapeutic drugs into the body, Lab-on-a-Chip diagnostic tools,...
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