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Mathieu, Claude-Louis

  • Emmanuel Davoust
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BornMâcon (Saône-et-Loire), France, 25 November 1783

DiedParis, France, 5 March 1875

Claude-Louis Mathieu, who was 3 years older than  François Arago, was admitted to Ecole Polytechnique the same year as Arago and spent most of his career following in the footsteps of his friend and colleague, assisting him in various scientific endeavors. He became an active member of the scientific establishment, of the French Academy of Science, teaching at various schools, and played a significant role in French politics as a member of parliament.

Mathieu’s father was a carpenter and could not afford to pay for his son’s education. Claude-Louis Mathieu’s early gift for mathematics was noticed by a priest in his hometown, who taught him algebra and arithmetic. In 1801, he went to Paris with a letter of introduction to  Joseph Delambre, who took him under his protection and housed him in his observatory. After 2 years of study, Mathieu passed the exam of Ecole Polytechnique where he met and became...

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