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von Triesnecker, Franz de Paula

  • Robert A. Garfinkle
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Alternate Names

 Triesnecker, Francis de Paula von;  Triesnecker, Franz de Paula von;  von Triesnecker, Francis de Paula

BornKirchberg, (Austria), 2 April 1745

DiedVienna, (Austria), 29 January 1817

Franz de Paula von Triesnecker was well known in his times for his mathematical and astronomical skills that he used in his work to determine the exact location of many central European geographical positions. Triesnecker became a member of the Society of Jesus at the age of 16. He studied philosophy at Vienna and mathematics at Tyrnau. After teaching mathematics and philosophy at Jesuit institutions for a few years, Triesnecker entered the university at Graz to study theology and completed his doctorate of philosophy. He received his ordination soon after his graduation.

In 1782, Triesnecker was appointed as an assistant to  Miksa Höll (Maximilian Hell), the director of the Imperial Observatory in Vienna. Triesnecker’s duties included serving as an assistant editor of the Ephemerides...

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