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Maudith, John

  • Keith Snedegar
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John Maudith produced astronomical tables in the early fourteenth century. In 1310 he compiled tables for the rising and setting times of stars. Maudith’s tables were essentially Toledan tables recomputed for the Oxford meridian. He drafted a separate catalog of bright stars, epoch 1316, with stellar positions calculated according to  Thebit ibn Qurra’s theory of trepidation.

Very little is known of Maudith’s life. Between 1309 and 1319 he was a fellow of Merton College, Oxford. The Merton Catalogus vetus describes him as a good astronomer and physician. After leaving Oxford, Maudith joined Richard de Bury’s scholarly circle at Durham;  Thomas Bradwardine was one of his colleagues there. Maudith later served John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey and Sussex, probably as a physician. He wrote a Tractatus de doctrina theologica dated to 1343.

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