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Luther, Karl Theodor Robert

  • Christof A. Plicht
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BornSchweidnitz (Swidnica, Poland), 16 April 1822

DiedDüsseldorf, Germany, 15 February 1900

Karl Theodor Robert Luther was a zealous discoverer of minor planets during a time when photography was not available to make the task easier. He was born to August Luther and his wife, Wilhelmine von Ende. After being educated at home and at the local high school, Robert went to Breslau (1841–1843) and Berlin (1843–1848) to study astronomy. Luther enjoyed a long and productive career. He died after a short illness, survived by his son, Wilhelm, and his wife, Caroline (née Märker), whom he had married in 1859.

In 1843 at Berlin as the pupil of  Johann Encke, Luther helped with calculations for an astronomical almanac. In 1850, he was promoted to second observer and worked at the 9-in. refractor. At the end of 1851, astronomer  Franz Brünnow invited Luther to come to the Charlottenruhe Observatory in Bilk near Düsseldorf to succeed him there as director. This small observatory, founded by  Johann...

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