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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

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Köhler, Johann Gottfried

  • Thomas HockeyAffiliated withDepartment of Earth Science, University of Northern Iowa Email author 

BornGauernitz near Meissen, (Sachsen, Germany), 15 December 1745

DiedDresden, (Germany), 19 September 1801

From 1776, Johann Köhler served as Inspektor (curator), and from about 1785 until his death as Oberinspektor (director), of both the Kunstkammer and the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon in Dresden. He published a list of “nebulae” in 1780. The list included several independent discoveries of deep-sky objects that eventually received numbers in Charles Messier ’s catalog. Köhler’s instruments also were apparently used by Alexander von Humboldt on his first voyage to South America.

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