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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 1142-1144


Joy, Alfred Harrison

BornGreenville, Illinois, USA, 23 September 1882

DiedPasadena, California, USA, 18 April 1973

Joy, Afred Harrison. Photograph originally appearing in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in an article by R. J. Trumpler (1950, PASP, 62, 33), copyright 1950, Astronomical Society of the Pacific; reproduced with permission of the Editors

American spectroscopist Alfred Joy was the first to recognize that the T Tauri variables are very young dwarf stars and thus provide direct evidence of ongoing star formation, and the first to determine spectroscopic binary orbits for cataclysmic variable stars. Joy received a BA in 1903 from Greenville College, Illinois, and an AM in 1904 from Oberlin College, Ohio. The degree was in physics, but the greatest influence on him was unquestionably astronomer Charles St. John. Joy taught physics and astronomy at the Syrian Protestant College (later American University) in Beirut, Lebanon, during 1904–1914. His summers and sabbaticals were ...

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