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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 2248-2249


von Hahn, Graf Friedrich

Alternate Name

Hahn, Graf Friedrich von

BornNeuhaus, (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), 27 July 1742

DiedRemplin, (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany), 9 October 1805

Friedrich von Hahn, a correspondent of William Herschel, had a well-equipped observatory, publishing on descriptive astronomy; and suggested the Doppler effect 50 years before Christian Doppler. Von Hahn came from an old Mecklenburg family. He grew up in Neuhaus, and later studied at the University of Kiel, primarily reading mathematics and astronomy. Hahn was a highly cultured person, devoted to the search for enlightenment. He promoted agriculture in Mecklenburg and provided good medical treatment, advice and support for the elderly and sick on his extensive estates, as well as a high level of education and social welfare.

In 1791, at Remplin, Hahn converted a summerhouse into an observatory with an instrument room and observational platform, and in 1801, added a four-story tower with a rotating dome. Hahn had a set o ...

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