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Godin, Louis

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Translated by: Claudia Netz

BornParis, France, 28 February 1704

DiedCádiz, Spain, 11 September 1760

The Frenchman Louis Godin is part of the history of astronomy mainly for two activities conducted outside of France. First, he participated in a geodesic expedition that measured the degree in lands of the Viceroyalty of Peru; second, he was director of the Academy of the Marine Guard of the Kingdom of Spain, in Cádiz, and of its astronomical observatory.

The son of François Godin and Elisabeth Charron, Godin studied astronomy with Joseph Delisle, at the Royal College of Paris. He was selected as a member of the Academy of Sciences without having published anything in 1725. His astronomical and literary career started in the academy by publishing minor works until the institution made him editor of the previously unedited Mémoires de l’Académie des sciences, corresponding to the years 1666–1730, which comprise seven volumes. From 1730, up to the volume for 1735, Godin was also in charge...

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