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Eimmart, Georg Christoph

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BornRegensburg, (Bavaria, Germany), 22 August 1638

DiedNuremberg, (Germany), 5 January 1705

Georg Eimmart was an observational astronomer, instrument-maker, and copper engraver. He was the son of George Christoph Eimmart, a painter and copper engraver, and Christiana Bauss. Eimmart was first apprenticed to his father as a painter and then trained in copper engraving and etching with Joachim Sandrart. From 1654 he studied mathematics, astronomy, and jurisprudence at the University of Jena. Following the death of his father in 1658, Eimmart returned to Regensburg, then proceeded to Nuremberg in 1660, where he became codirector, alongside Sandrart, of the Nuremberg School of Painting from 1674, and sole director from 1699 to 1704. Eimmart worked mainly as copper engraver and etcher, but was not so prominent as a painter.

Eimmart married Anna Walther in 1668. Their daughter, Maria Klara, later married professor Johann Heinrich Müller in Altdorf in 1706 and died during childbirth in the...

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Translated by Peter Nockolds.

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