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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 402-404


Chandler, Seth Carlo, Jr.

BornBoston, Massachusetts, USA, 16 September 1846

DiedWellesley Hills, Massachusetts, USA, 31 December 1913

As a practical astronomer Seth Carlo Chandler discovered the periodic motions in the Earth’s polar axis, now known as the Chandler wobble, and made important contributions in the fields of variable star and cometary astronomy. Chandler also served as the editor and publisher of the Astronomical Journal.

The son of Seth Carlo and Mary (née Cheever) Chandler of Boston, Massachusetts, Chandler demonstrated his mechanical and mathematical abilities well before he graduated from the Boston English High School in 1861. During his last year in school, Chandler worked part-time as a computing assistant to Benjamin Peirce and was apparently attracted to astronomy in that experience. After his graduation, Chandler was employed as the personal assistant of Benjamin Gould, who was at that time engaged in longitude determinations for the United States Coast Survey. The two remained close friends ...

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