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Bobrovnikoff, Nicholas Theodore

  • Jordan D. MarchéII
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BornMarkova, Russia, 29 April 1896

DiedBerkeley, California, USA, 21 March 1988

Cometary spectroscopist Nicholas Bobrovnikoff, the son of Theodore Basil and Helena (née Gavriloff) Bobrovnikoff, graduated from the Kharkov Gymnasium in 1914. As a youth, he had witnessed the appearance of comet 1P/Halley in 1910.

Although wishing to become an astronomer, Bobrovnikoff enrolled as a student (1914–1917) at the Institute of Mining Engineers in Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg), and later studied at the University of Kharkov. He became a junior officer in the Russian Army and joined the White (anti-Bolshevik) Army in 1918. Severely wounded, recovered, and later ill with typhus, Bobrovnikoff was evacuated to Cyprus in 1920. After recuperating, he made his way to Prague, where he won a scholarship to Charles University (now the University of Prague), and resumed his studies of physics, mathematics, and astronomy, graduating in 1924.

Through the efforts of Yerkes Observatory director  Edwin Frost,...

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