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Zanotti, Eustachio

  • Fabrizio Bònoli
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Born Bologna, Enilia-Romagna, (Italy), 27 November 1709

Died Bologna, Enilia-Romagna, (Italy), 15 May 1782

Eustachio Zanotti was a versatile observer, professor, and observatory director in Bologna. The son of Gian Pietro Zanotti and Costanza Gambari, he came from a family known for its interest in the arts, humanities, and science. His early studies were at the Jesuit School. He was exposed to Bologna’s most illustrious scientists, including the Manfredi and Beccari families, who were often guests at his house, and his uncle, Francesco Maria Zanotti, was president of the Istituto delle Scienze. Zanotti attended lessons at the institute and, under the guidance of  Eustachio Manfredi, he became enthralled with astronomy and was appointed as Manfredi’s assistant at the observatory in 1719.

On 22 August 1730 Zanotti graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree in philosophy. In 1738, after presenting an essay on the Newtonian theory of light, he embarked on his university career...

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