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Weinek, László

  • László SzabadosEmail author
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 Weinek, Ladislaus

BornBuda, (Budapest, Hungary, 13 February 1848

DiedPrague, (Czech Republic), 12 November 1913

László Weinek directed the German University Observatory in Prague (after 1883) and is chiefly remembered for his extensive drawings and photographs of lunar-surface features. Weinek’s father was a government official. Although his family was of German origin living in Hungary, Weinek declared himself to be Hungarian. After graduating from secondary school in Buda, he studied mathematics, physics, and astronomy at the University of Vienna, where he was awarded a doctorate in 1870. A state-sponsored scholarship enabled him to continue postdoctoral studies at Berlin and Leipzig, Germany.

As a young astronomer, Weinek was involved in the Saxonian geodetic work of latitude and longitude determination (1872/1873). He undertook a pioneering role by introducing photographic techniques into astronomy. After completing a study of the measurement errors associated with...

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