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Van Albada, Gale Bruno

  • Léo Houziaux
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BornAmsterdam, the Netherlands, 28 March 1911

DiedAmsterdam, the Netherlands, 18 December 1972

Gale van Albada was well known for his work on the evolution of clusters of galaxies, the theory of formation of stellar associations and double stars, and for observations and orbit determinations of binary stellar systems.

Van Albada earned a Ph.D. in astrophysics at the University of Amsterdam as a student of  Herman Zanstra and  Antonie Pannekoek in 1945. His dissertation was a study of line intensities in stellar spectra. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Warner and Swasey Observatories of Case Institute, Cleveland, Ohio, during which he worked on near-infrared spectra of late type stars with  Jason Nassau, van Albada was appointed director of the Bosscha Observatory at Lembang, Java, Netherlands East Indies. He arrived at the height of the revolutions that resulted in the independence of Indonesia in December 1949.

Van Albada revived the Bosscha Observatory during his 10 years...

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