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Bergstrand, Östen

  • Gustav Holmberg
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BornSweden, 1 September 1873

DiedSweden, 27 September 1948

Östen Bergstrand’s greatest contribution to astronomy was the fostering of the ideals of precision astrometry and astrophysics in Sweden, which he handed on to a younger generation of better-known astronomers. He was the son of Carl Erik Bergstrand and Jenny Rosalie Wallin, and married, first, Anna Elfrida Ericsson (1901) and, second, Ingrid Svensson (1942). Bergstrand received his Ph.D. in astronomy at Uppsala University in 1899, working under  Nils Dunér, who modernized the instrumentation at Uppsala, obtaining a double refractor useful for both classical astronomy (astrometry) and astrophysics. Bergstrand worked in both of these fields.

Bergstrand was appointed assistant professor (docent) at Uppsala Observatory in 1901 and professor from 1911 to his retirement in 1938. He was elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1924 and as a vice president of the International Astronomical Union in 1935. He studied the...

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