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Plana, Giovanni Antonio Amedeo

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BornVoghera, (Lombardy, Italy), 6 November 1781

DiedTurin, Italy, 20 January 1864

Mathematical physicist and astronomer Giovanni Plana wrote more than 100 memoirs dealing with mathematical analysis, geodesy, astronomy, celestial mechanics, and heat theory, including his most important work, the theory of the lunar movements. Plana was the son of Antonio Maria Plana and Giovanna Giacoboni. From 1796, Plana studied in Grenoble, France, where he met and befriended Stendhal (Henry Beyle). In 1800, Plana entered the École Polytechnique where  Joseph Lagrange taught analysis and mechanics, Gaspard Monge taught geometry, and  Pierre de Laplace taught astronomy. He also became friend with  Siméon-Denis Poisson. In 1803, Plana became professor of mathematics at the Turin Artillery School, located in Alessandria, and became professor of astronomy at Turin University in 1811. Before assuming the responsibilities of his chair, Plana practiced astronomy at the Brera Astronomical Observatory in...

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