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2011 Edition
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Inter-Society Color Council

  • Jan W. Gooch
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n(ISCC)A U.S. council made up of delegates from about 30 “member-bodies”, i.e., national organizations and professional societies, and of individual members, all of whom have an interest in information bout color and in basic concepts of color. Member-body organizations and individual members represent: (1) creators of color effects in art and design; (2) manufacturers of colored material; (3) producers of color reproduction processes; and (4) fields of science and technology. The work of the Council is carried out in study groups, called “problem subcommittees,” and is directed by specialists in the color problems under investigation. News of Council activities and newsworthy items in the world of color are published in the ISCC Newsletter, published bimonthly. Annual Council meetings provide a forum for discussion and resolution of color problems. Specialized interest meetings are held periodically. The ISCC is the official U.S. member of the International Colour Association –...

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