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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

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Tall Oil

  • Jan W. GoochAffiliated with

\täl, ói(ә)l\ n [part trans. of Gr Tallöl, part trans. Swedish tallolja, fr. tall pine + olja oil]. A generic name for a number of products from the manufacture of wood pulp by the alkali process sulfate or kraft process. To provide some distinction between the various products, designations are often applied in accordance with the process or composition, some of which are crude tall oil, acid refined tall oil, distilled tall oil, tall oil fatty acids and tall oil rosin. The following designations for tall oil shall be considered obsolete: crude resinous liquid, finn oil, liquid resin, liquid rosin, resin oil, sulfate pitch, sulfate resin, sulfate rosin, Swedish pine oil, Swedish resin, Swedish rosin, Swedish rosin oil, Sylvic oil, talloel, tallol, Swedish oil, fluid resin, Swedish olein.

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