Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security

2011 Edition
| Editors: Henk C. A. van Tilborg, Sushil Jajodia

Multilevel Database

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A multilevel database system (MDBMS) supports the application of a multilevel policy for regulating access to the database objects.


The first formulation of multilevel mandatory policies and the Bell LaPadulamodel, simply assumed the existence of objects (information containers) to which a classification is assigned. This assumption works well in the operating system context, where objects to be protected are essentially files containing the data. Later studies investigated the extension of mandatory policies to database systems. While in operating systems security classes are assigned to files, database systems can afford a finer-grained classification. Classification can in fact be considered at the level of relations (equivalent to file-level classification in OS), at the level of columns (different properties can have a different classification), at the level of rows (properties referred to a...

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