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Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders

pp 2903-2915

Social Language Development Test

  • Linda BowersAffiliated withLinguiSystems, Inc Email author 
  • , Rosemary HuisinghAffiliated withLinguiSystems, Inc


SLDT-A; SLDT-E; Social language development test-adolescent; Social language development test-elementary


The tests of social language development-elementary and adolescent (Bowers, Huisingh, & LoGiudice, 2008, 2010) are diagnostic tests of social language skills. They are designed to determine the role language development plays in the acquisition of social understanding for students from the ages of 6.0–17.11 years from the following educational settings: regular education (no active IEP) and special education (active IEP). Students with a diagnosis of autism and delayed language development were included in the item pool and standardization studies.

The testing materials are as follows:

The social language development test-elementary (SLDT-E) includes an examiner’s manual, the scoring standards and example responses book, a picture stimuli book, and test forms. Ages include 6.0–11.11 years.

The SLDT-E is comprised of four subtests designed to differe ...

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