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Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders

pp 1887-1887

Mobile Work Crew Model

  • Michelle LestrudAffiliated withThe Gengras Center, University of Saint Joseph Email author 


Community work crew; Community-based work team; Enclave; Supported employment group; Work team


A mobile work crew model follows the practice of placing together several individuals to work in the community as a team or “crew.” Typically, the individuals have a disability and are accompanied by a nondisabled support person or job coach. This type of work group falls under the category of supported employment. The mobile work crews may work at various locations but often specialize in a specific area such as janitorial services, lawn care, maintenance jobs, etc. These jobs are in the community but may not be integrated with employees outside the work crew and may not require competitive rates of production. The mobile work crews are often associated with an agency providing vocational or day services to people with autism. In some cases, individuals with autism may be able to learn needed vocational skills while on a mobile work crew to lead to a higher ...

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