Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders

2013 Edition
| Editors: Fred R. Volkmar

Sensory Integration and Praxis Test

  • Tara J. Glennon
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The Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT; Ayres, 1989) is a series of 17 subtests designed to measure sensory integration processes that underlie learning and behavior in children from 4 through 8 years, 11 months. This comprehensive, standardized assessment tool is considered the gold standard tool for evaluating sensory integration and praxis (motor planning) functions. Administration of the entire test generally takes 2½ h to complete, the examiner must follow specific procedures when administering the test (including what instructions can be provided to the child), and the child must be able to attend for long periods of time and follow the verbal directions. As a result, it may not be an appropriate testing instrument for all children on the autism spectrum.

There are 17 subtests within the SIPT, each yielding a standardized score by which the child’s score is compared to those of typically developing children on praxis abilities and a variety of...
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