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Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning

pp 2530-2533

Organizational Change and Learning

  • Wendelin KüpersAffiliated withSchool of Management & International Business, Massey University (Albany Campus) Email author 
  • , Jürgen DeegAffiliated withChair of Business Administration, Leadership & Organization, University of Hagen


Change in learning organizations; Organizational transformation and organizational learning


Organizational Change and Learning

Organizational change is clearly one of the most iridescent terms in organization science, which can be deducted from its various, different denotations and synonyms (e.g., transformation, development, dynamic). This terminological vagueness has become a fundamental characteristic for theory and research. In the first instance, the constituent part of the notion of organizational change is the more general term of change, which has become one of the most important topics of social sciences or humanities altogether. Thereby change is defined as a series of variances or alterations leading from one state to another or to new forms or qualities of objects. As temporal phenomena, such changes can only be discerned over a certain period of observation (cf Van de Ven and Poole 1995). These variations, can – like organizations – be vi ...

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