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Frost, Honor

  • Angela Croome
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Basic Biographical Information

Honor Frost (1917–2010) was born and brought up in Cyprus surrounded by the sea. The lands of the Eastern Mediterranean retained her loyalty throughout her life. Of Byblos in the Lebanon, she wrote late in her career “this is where I belong.” She learnt her diving at the Nice Divers Club when convalescing and where Cousteau’s original team hung out. They introduced her to amphora wrecks from antiquity that stimulated her interest in submerged archaeology. She had already had a ballet staged by Ninette de Valois in London and attended art school which refined her drawing skills which she readily applied underwater. She joined the last season of Kay Kenyon’s excavations of Jericho as draftsperson. This gave her a flying start in surveying stone structures underwater, the telltale remains of 11 ancient harbors along the shelterless Levantine coast. Stone anchors that marked ship graveyards also became an obsession.

Major Accomplishments

A chance encounter...

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