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Fiorelli, Giuseppe

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Basic Biographical Information

The Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli was born in Naples on 8th June, 1823. Educated in Naples, Fiorelli achieved a degree in legal studies by the time he was 18, but chose a career in archaeology instead because of his passion for ancient cultures (Dwyer 2010: 25). In addition to this, Fiorelli had a background in the study of epigraphy, numismatics and pre-Romantic Italic languages (Dwyer 2010: 25). He was also an excellent antiquarian and had solid scientific knowledge (Cooley & Cooley 2004: 192).

By the age of 20 Fiorelli had published an article on numismatics in an archaeological journal. In 1847, at the age of 24, he secured the position of Inspector of the Pompeii excavations (Dwyer 2010: 25). His post was terminated in 1848 due to his activities during the political uprising in Italy (Cooley & Cooley 2004: 192). In 1849 Giuseppe Fiorelli was detained as a political prisoner under Bourbon rule. It was during this sentence that Fiorelli...

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