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Anozie, Fred

  • Emuobosa Akpo Orijemie
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Information on Prof. Fred A. Anozie is extremely scarce. Prof. Anozie, as he was popularly called, was an astute Nigerian archaeologist whose name rang (still rings) bells within the archaeology space in and outside Nigeria. There is, as yet, virtually no information about his early years. But it is known that as early as 1977, Anozie had published a preliminary report of excavations in Aguleri, a village in Southeastern Nigeria (Nzewunwa 1983).

Between 1978 and the 1980s, Prof. Anozie conducted extension research in Igboland and quickly became recognized as a notable archaeology scholar in Nigeria and West Africa. Most of his research sites were based in eastern Nigeria with some of the most popular being the Ezi-Ukwu rockshelter near Afikpo, the iron-smelting sites of Umundu and Lejja, and Ugwuele in Uturu Okigwe local government area in Imo State, Nigeria (Nzewunwa 1983).

Major Accomplishments

Like Dr. N. Nzewunwa, the fact that he worked with Prof...

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