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Descendant Communities in French Guiana: Amerindians

  • Gérald MigeonEmail author
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French Guiana contains many minority groups who, from a cultural, political, and economic perspective, are administered by the state and the department controlled by Metropolitains (French coming from Metropolitain France), Guianese Creoles, the Chinese, and Lebanese. These minorities include six Amerindian nations and four Bushinengé groups (Maroons or descendents of runaway slaves), all considered indigenous, as well as diverse Creole communities (from Saint Lucia, Martinique, Haiti, etc.) and some more recent immigrants such as the Hmong, Peruvians, Colombians, and of course Brazilians, Surinamese, and Guyanese from neighboring nations. Here, we will only focus on Amerindian communities, even if Bushinengés and Creole communities, who represent more than half of the population living in French Guiana today, should have earned their place in this encyclopedia.

For diverse groups of ethnic Amerindians (current population of about 10,000), whom have varied ancestral...

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