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Rathje, William Laurens

  • Michael Brian Schiffer
  • J. Jefferson Reid
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Basic Biographical Information

William Laurens Rathje (1945–2012) was born in South Bend, Indiana. After receiving his B.A. degree in anthropology from the University of Arizona in 1967, he attended Harvard University on a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, where in 1971 he was awarded the Ph.D., also in anthropology. His museum-based dissertation, Lowland Classic Maya Socio-Political Organization: Degree and Form Through Time and Space, was directed by Gordon R. Willey. Even before the dissertation had been completed, Rathje in 1970 returned to the University of Arizona as a faculty member, where he remained until retirement in 2000. After retirement, he spent several years at Stanford University teaching with Michael Shanks.

Major Accomplishments

Rathje’s contributions to anthropological archaeology were significant in a wide range of research areas. His numerous papers on Mesoamerican archaeology published in 1970–1978 established Rathje as one of the preeminent...

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