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2013 Edition
| Editors: Anne L. C. Runehov, Lluis Oviedo

Commodification of Religion

  • Alexander Darius OrnellaEmail author
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Commodification of religion refers to religious symbols becoming commodities, objects of consumption readily available in the “supermarket of religion,” in economic life, and the media landscape. It is a process of recontextualization of religious symbols, language, and ideas from their original religious context to the media and consumer culture. In this process, religious symbols become commodities, objects of consumption readily available in the “supermarket of religion” and the media landscape. The commodification of religion works on several levels. The two most obvious are the (often commercial) offers of blessings, prayers, etc., through the purchase of religious artifacts, books, figures, etc. The second important – and obvious – level is the attachment of religious values through a religious aesthetic to consumer products. Often, the commodification of religion is related to a loss of power to shape religious practices.

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