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Encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions

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Creative Writing

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Creative nonfiction; Fiction; Narrative nonfiction; Poetry; Screenwriting; Television writing


The creative writing program is generally divided into either a Masters of Arts or a Masters of Fine Arts. While either program offers various creative writing courses and workshops, the latter is generally weighted toward almost all writing while the former includes the academia of literature. Many creative writing programs, especially in the United States, prefer a Bachelors degree in either literature or creative writing before entering their program, but it is not always mandatory. A few institutions, within the last decade, have also been offering a Ph.D. program for creative writing, but it is the exception.

In general, creative writing courses range from online to full-time to bimonthly meetings with advisors. The latter has proven particularly successful because of the freedom it provides for students with full-time jobs and families. It al ...

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