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Encyclopedia of Entomology

pp 3299-3299

Schwarz, Eugene Amandus

Eugene Schwarz was born in Liegnitz, Germany, on April 21, 1844. He was educated at the University of Breslau and University of Leipzig. He moved to the United States in December of 1872. He left Germany because he had deceived his father, who expected his son to study philosophy when, in fact, he studied zoology and entomology. Schwarz joined the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University in 1872, and initially worked as a preparator. He moved to Detroit where he co-founded the Detroit Scientific Association and helped initiate the Hubbard-Schwarz collection of Coleoptera. In association with this effort many collecting trips were made in the Great Lakes region and to Florida. Beginning in 1878 he was employed by the Division of Entomology of the United States Department of Agriculture, and he remained in this capacity for most of the period of employment, which ended with retirement in 1926. During the early years of his employment he studied cotton pests in the southern Uni ...

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