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Soft Matter Characterization

pp 373-462

Light Scattering from Multicomponent Polymer Systems in Shear Fields: Real-time, In Situ Studies of Dissipative Structures in Open Nonequilibrium Systems

  • T. HashimotoAffiliated withKyoto University

1 Introduction

1.1 General Background

This chapter discusses self-assembly of polymer solutions and solutions of polymer mixtures under external fields, specifically under shear fields, as observed by real-time and in situ light scattering (LS). Although shear-induced structures of solutions of polymer mixtures will be discussed in some parts of this chapter, the discussion can be in principle extended to shear-induced structures of binary polymer mixtures in bulk. This is because the solvent used is a neutral solvent which effectively weakens segmental interactions of polymers as will be detailed later (Section5.1).

Our research theme to be treated here is considered to belong to the general theme on pattern formation in nature. This is because the pattern formation in various systems in nature occurs under the influence of external fields and is inherently related to the self-assembly in the so-called open nonequilibrium systems, i.e., systems that are open to various extern ...

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