Abū Kāmil

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Abū Kāmil, Shujā˓ ibn Aslam (ca. 850–ca. 930), also known as “the Egyptian Reckoner” (al‐ḥāsib al‐miṣrī) was, according to the encyclopedist Ibn Khaldūn's report on algebra in his Muqaddima, chronologically the second greatest algebraist after al‐Khwārizmī. He was certainly one of the most influential. The peak of his activity seems to have been at the end of the ninth century.

Although at the beginning of his Kitāb f  ī'l‐jabr wa'l‐muqābala (Algebra) he refers to al‐Khwārizmī's similar work, Abū Kāmil's purpose is radically different, for he is addressing an audience of mathematicians presumed to have a thorough knowledge of Euclid's Elements. His Algebra consists of four main parts.

  1. a.

    Like his predecessor, Abū Kāmil begins by explaining how to solve the six standard equations and to deal with algebraic expressions involving an unknown and square roots. The next section (Book II) contains, as in his predecessor's work, six examples of problems and the resolutions of various...

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