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Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments

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Scandinavian Ice Sheet

  • Jan Mangerud

The Scandinavian and adjacent ice sheets

The Scandinavian Ice Sheet is the most commonly used name for an ice sheet that developed over Scandinavia many times during the Quaternary period. It is sometimes called the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet (Fenno = Finland), but as it expanded from the Scandinavian mountains and did not always reach Finland, the Scandinavian Ice Sheet is the most proper name. At its maximum extent, it covered northwestern Europe as far south as the Netherlands (Figure S1). In Eastern Europe it almost reached the Black Sea in southern Ukraine.
Figure S1

Map showing the extent of the Scandinavian, Barents-Kara and British Ice Sheets during two periods. Full line shows the Saalian glaciation and stippled line the Late Weichselian glaciation. (Modified from Svendsen et al., 2004.)

During some periods of maximum development, the Scandinavian Ice Sheet coalesced with the Barents-Kara Ice Sheet, which was centered over the Barents and Kara ...

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