Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards

2013 Edition
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Geographic Information Technology

  • Brigitte LeblonEmail author
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Environmental Information System; Geographic Information System (GIS); Geographically Referenced Information System (GIRS); Geo-Information System; Land Information System (LIS); Land Management System; Land Resources Information System; Spatial Information System (SIS)


Geographic information technology uses computer-based tools to analyze spatial information into a geographic information system (GIS). In a GIS, data of the real world are stored into a georeferenced database, which can be displayed via maps. There is a dynamic link between the displayed maps and the stored georeferenced data, that is, a change on the maps leads to a change in the database and vice versa.

Use of geographic information technologies

There are a number of applications that use geographic information technologies in numerous economical sectors, such as transportation, medicine, agriculture, mineral exploration, forestry, and governance. Geographic information technologies are used in...

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