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Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles

pp 1021-1031

Perception Tasks: Lane Detection

  • Luca MazzeiAffiliated withDip. Ing. Informazione, Università di Parma
  • , Paolo ZaniAffiliated withDip. Ing. Informazione, Università di Parma Email author 


The localization of painted road markings is a key aspect of environment reconstruction in urban, rural, and highway areas, allowing a precise definition of the safely drivable area in front of the vehicle.

Lane detection algorithms are largely exploited by active safety systems in the automotive field, with the aim of warning the driver against unintended road departures, but are also essential in fully autonomous vehicles, since they complement the data coming from other sources, like digital maps, making it possible to navigate precisely even in complex scenarios.

This chapter introduces potential approaches and requirements for lane detection and describes in detail one of such algorithms and its results.