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International Encyclopedia of Civil Society

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Address of Organization

250-252 Goswell Road Clerkenwell London EC1V 7EB UK www.​accountability21​.​net


AccountAbility works to promote accountability innovations that advance sustainable development. It develops and promotes the AA1000 Series of standards for social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting.

Brief History

AccountAbility, formerly The Institute for Social and Ethical AccountAbility, was launched in 1995 to professionalize the practice of social auditing and reporting and address the trust deficit between corporations and their stakeholders. Founding members included The Body Shop, The European Institute for Business Ethics, KPMG, Oxfam, and Shell. In 1999 AccountAbility launched the AA1000 Framework and subsequently additional standards and tools based on this foundation.


AccountAbility's mission “is to promote accountability for sustainable development.” AccountAbility enables ...

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