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International Encyclopedia of Civil Society

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Charta 77 Foundation

  • Miroslav PospíšilAffiliated withCentre for Nonprofit Research

Address of Organization

Nadace Charty 77 Melantrichova 5 110 00 Praha 1 Czech Republic www.​bariery.​cz/​nadace/​


Charta 77 Foundation in the Czech Republic is one of two successor organizations to the original Charta 77 Foundation founded in Sweden in 1978. Since 1990, it has grown into one of the most important Czech supporters and funders of human rights causes.

Brief History

Charta 77 Foundation was established in 1978 in Stockholm by a group of young activists around the Folket i Bild magazine (represented by Peter Larsson a Peter Gavelin) and by Charta 77 signatory Jiří Pallas. Its mission was to support the aims of Charta 77 and to provide help for people persecuted by the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia. It was established with the money from the Monismanien Prize for freedom of speech, which Charta 77 was awarded for its brave defense of human rights. With the approval of the spokespersons of Charta 77 in Czechoslovakia, t ...

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