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Encyclopedia of Tribology

pp 1469-1470

Gear Contact Temperature and Scuffing Risk Analysis


Galling; Seizure; Severe adhesion


Scuffing is localized damage caused by solid-phase welding between surfaces in relative motion. It is accompanied by transfer of metal from one surface to another due to welding and subsequent tearing. ANSI/AGMA 1010-E95 (1995) describes the characteristics of the failure mode. AGMA 925-A03 (2003) gives information on effects of lubrication on gear surface distress. Figure 1 shows scuffing on a spur pinion.
Gear Contact Temperature and Scuffing Risk Analysis, Fig. 1

Scuffing on a spur pinion

Scientific Fundamentals

Gear tooth load capacity based on the probability of scuffing is calculated according to industrial standards such as AGMA 925-A03 (2003), which calculates scuffing risk using Blok’s critical temperature theory (Blok 1937). Although contact temperature is a major factor governing scuffing, the properties of the lubricant and its additives exert a strong influence (Errichello 1992). Theref ...

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