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Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

pp 662-664

Computerized Assessment of Response Bias

  • David R. CoxAffiliated withNeuropsychology & Rehabilitation Consultants, PC




The Computerized Assessment of Response Bias (CARB) is a computer-based tool for evaluating effort. The CARB is one of many measures characterized as symptom validity tests (SVT), indices of response bias used to assess possible malingering, poor effort, or exaggeration of deficit. The test is a computerized version of the digit recognition paradigm in a forced choice format, akin to the procedures described by Hiscock and Hiscock (1989) and Binder (1990). Frequently, statistical determination of below chance performance (based on the binomial theorem) has been used with tests such as these to identify persons showing poor effort. This method requires an extremely low score to reach a statistically significant level. However, as the CARB is an easy test, it allows the clinician to detect inadequate effort using above-chance cutoff scores (Millis, 2008). The test has been studied with a wide variety of populations, including persons with head in ...

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