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Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

pp 2172-2174

Rey 15 Item Test

  • Kenneth PodellAffiliated withDivision of Neuropsychology, Henry Ford Health Systems


FIT; 15 Item test; Rey’s memory test


The Rey 15 Item Test (FIT) is used to assess symptom validity or feigned memory impairment. It is one of the most commonly used symptom validity tests (SVTs) of feigned memory deficits (reported as the second most commonly used by Slick et al., 2003) in spite of the research evidence showing its poor sensitivity to feigned memory impairment (Strauss, Sherman, & Spreen, 2006; Vallabhajosula & VanGorp, 2001; Vickery, Berry, Hanlon Iman, Harris, & Orey, 2001). Its common use, despite its poor clinical utility, has to do with its low cost (no materials to purchase), availability, and ease of administration (five minutes or less).

The stimulus consist of a 3 × 5 matrix of meaningful symbols (see Frederick, 2002; Strauss et al., 2006 for a picture and more details). Each row represents a sequential series of three symbols. Although the task may seem difficult because it contains 15 items, it is actually a very simple te ...

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