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Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

pp 452-453

Bristol Activities of Daily Living Scale

  • Jessica FishAffiliated withMedical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit


Bristol ADL scale (BADLS); Revised bristol activities of daily living scale (BADLS-R)


The Bristol ADL scale is an informant-rated measure that covers 20 ADLs, both basic and instrumental. Items are rated on a four-point scale (from totally dependent to totally independent, with an additional “not applicable” option).

Historical Background

The BADLS was developed specifically for use in people with dementia, as existing scales were felt to be insensitive to change in this group, having been designed for healthy older adults or people with physical disabilities. Initially, 22 items were included based on the rationale that they appeared in at least two existing ADL measures. Caregivers of people with dementia completed the questionnaire by mail, including feedback on the relevance and importance of the items and response options. Some modifications were made to the scale, with the next version incorporating different response option ...

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