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Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

pp 2621-2622

Vineland Social Maturity Scales

  • Sara S. SparrowAffiliated withYale University Child Study Center




The Vineland Social Maturity Scales (VSMS), published by Edgar Doll in 1935, measures social maturity or social competence in individuals from birth to adulthood. The test is no longer available but represents an important historical contribution to the assessment of adaptive behavior or those behaviors that lead to personal independence and social responsibility. Doll classified eight categories of items on the VSMS (Doll, 1935): self-help general, self-help dressing, self-help eating, communication, self-direction, socialization, locomotion, and occupation. Although there is some difference of opinion as to whether Doll’s categorization is the best, the perception of adaptive behavior as multidimensional has survived from one generation to the next. The VSMS has 117 items using Stanford Binet year-scale format in the record booklet. Each age level, however, does not measure all the eight categories resulting in limited item density for all th ...

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