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Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development

pp 409-410

Constructive Play


Solitary constructive play


Constructive Play is the using or manipulating of objects with creation or construction of something as a purpose. Constructive play is the use of materials by children to achieve a specific goal in mind that requires transformation of objects into something new.


This type of play typically emerges in children around the age of 2 and will be the dominant type of play from the age of 3 and on [1]. The primary goal of this type of play is not the having of the object, but the creation of the object [2]. This type of play also allows the child to develop their own working theories about the natural, social, material, physical worlds through enquiry research, exploration, generation, and modification [4].

Relevance to Childhood Development

Over the years, early childhood researchers have found that constructive play is essential for children as a building block and critical co ...

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