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Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development

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  • Shelia M. KennisonAffiliated withDepartment of Psychology, Oklahoma State University Email author 


Psychology of language


Psycholinguistics is the scientific discipline that aims to understand all aspects of the use of human language, including how language is acquired, how language is produced, and how language is comprehended.


Psycholinguistics is a branch of cognitive science that focuses specifically on the psychological and neurobiological processes involved in the acquisition, production, and comprehension of human language. The field of cognitive science focuses broadly on the study of the mind and intelligence, embracing multiple disciplines, including computer science, psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, philosophy, and communication [1]. The field has grown in importance over the last decade, as brain imaging techniques have become widely used and as advances in computer science, information sciences, artificial intelligence and robotics have been made.

The term psycholinguistics is a combination of the terms psycho ...

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